Corpus Christi’s cruel companion code criticised

Matt Gurtler 26 February 2017

Corpus Christi’s policy for guests staying in student’s rooms has caused controversy and the JCR intend to meet with the college to get this changed.

The policy is that students may have a guest stay the night in their college room for a maximum of seven nights in a term. Guests may only stay for more than three consecutive nights in a week when permission is granted by the Dean. The guest may not remain in the student’s room past 9am, and there have been reports of college bedders informing college authorities when these rules have been broken.

These policies do not extend to all colleges. For example, Emmanuel College rules state that members of the college may accommodate a guest for 15 nights per term and all guests must be signed in by 2am. The record of guests is destroyed at the end of each term.

According to the rulebook, “failure to enter a guest in the book will incur an automatic fine of £10 in the first instance”. One student told Varsity that they had been let off with a warning the first time they had a guest in their room without signing them in. They then received the fine the second time, but were put on five days of cleaning duty for the third infringement of this rule.

The guest sign-in book is not kept private, as is the case at other colleges, and many students prefer to keep it private whether they have a guest staying overnight or not.

Source: Varsity