Corpus chronophage clock “is a UFO”

News Editor 15 January 2009

The Corpus Christi clock, recently voted one of the best inventions of 2008 by Time magazine, has been labelled “a winged disc UFO” which “predicts the apocalypse” by a christian group.

A youTUBE video posted by a member of the christian group, only calling himself ‘Chris’, explains that the clock “released upon the unsuspecting inhabitants of the town of Cambridge, is in fact a depiction of what is to come.”

Chris has many videos on his website,, which believes the “literal word of every word of our god.” It claims that the world has been overtaken by UFOs.

He states that the clock has clear links with a painting of the Burning of Rome, which shows a “flying disc and an extra part” similar to the pendulum.

The video also claims the clock heralds “the end of the world and the beginning of the first terror, as outlined in the book of revelations.”

‘Chris’ also alleges that “all of the rich and the freemasons are about to lose everything” in this new age.

As evidence, he cites the Book of Revelations assertion that “locusts will devour everything in their path and will have the power to sting like scorpions”, like the grasshopper on top of the clock.

The man adds that the eyes, “which are reptilian and have downward slits” show links to the devil and the fallen angels who are also “reptilian”.

He adds claims the clock, with its centre of six pyramids, is also linked to Masonic signs seen around the world, such as Dutch architecture and Alexandra Palace.

The clock cost £1 million to build and has gained notoriety since it was revealed. Dr Taylor, the clock’s inventor, has now been asked to produce two more at the same price and has even had enquiries from NASA.

One of the new clocks will be more expensive than the original since it will have a silver dial and be rhodium plated. According to The Cambridge Evening News, there are now plans to create a miniature version for people’s homes.

There are various other claims made by the christian site including that “John F. Kennedy warned that Worldwide Monolithic Conspiracy involving Government/s, military, Civil Service, Business and just ordinary folk all working in one secret accord against God and the whole of humanity.” Yet that he “was shot dead shortly after speaking of this.”

Dr Taylor did not comment on the accusations.

Alexander Glasner

News Editor