Corrections & clarifications

8 October 2007

The Cambridge Student endeavours to be as accurate as possible in its reporting. It is possible for inadvertent errors to creep in and we are very happy to issue corrections. Please e-mail

us at

‘How Cambridge Works’ (27/09/07 Vl. 10 Issue 1) was written by Stephen Brothwell, Jonathan Laurence and Josh Hardie.

‘Media influence on climate changes’ (27/09/07 Vl. 10 Issue 1) was written by Katherine Horder.

Any resemblance that the last paragraph of ‘Modern Day Fairy Tails: Little Red Riding Hood’ (27/09/07 Vl. 10 Issue 1) had to James Finn Garner’s book Politically Correct Bedtime Stories, was entirely accidental and not intended by the author. However, the Cambridge Student apologises for any misunderstanding.