Cost-effective Costuming

Ellie Beveridge 31 October 2013

So you haven’t had the time to dash down to Party Mania yet? If you simply haven’t had any time/cash to spare, here are some fast and easy (not very scary) Halloween costume ideas.


I know it’s generic, and it’s the oldest trick in the book – but that’s what makes it the best! Grab a white bed sheet, cut some eyeholes, and throw it over your head. Your outfit will be sorted whilst everyone else spends lots of time worrying about originality! It’s simple, sweet, and you’ll provide great entertainment for your mates as you attempt drinking without a mouth.


This is one of the easiest costumes to throw together from wardrobe items. All you need is jeans, a plaid shirt (just borrow one from someone if necessary) and a belt. Boots or pointy-toed dress shoes, under the jeans are essential. Tuck in your plaid shirt, then grab a cowboy hat from a friend or a store (very cheap). Start saying "howdy" and "y’all" a lot and you’re good to go!


This is great for both guys and gals – find a friend who’s a whiz at face-painting and no one cares anymore what you’re wearing (but wear something, for modesty’s sake). Paint somestripes/spots/whiskers on your face and colour-match your clothing to your chosen animal. Go black and white for pandas or zebras. Grab a cheap orange t-shirt somewhere and duct-tape on black stripes for a quick pop-art tiger look. If your hair is slightly longer, backcomb and hair-spray it (guys too!) for a lion’s mane. Crazy eye make-up helps with the parrot look.

Cereal killer:

If you’re one of those people with enough time to make something with scissors and tape, and you have enough people who eat food with packaging on your floor – go as the cereal killer! Here’s how: steal all the cereal boxes on your floor, tape them together so you have sandwich-board style greatness, then splatter red paint (or ketchup if you can’t be bothered to leave the kitchen) in spots on it. Ta-da, ‘cereal’ killer! It’s both easy and punny – a dangerously excellent combination.

Mad scientist:

Any wannabe NatScis: this is for you! Throw on a lab coat with some large framed glasses (preferably cracked: achieve this affect by aggressively throwing them at the wall). Don’t brush or wash your hair for a few days, and voila!