Crossbow attack on hedgehogs

3 July 2011

An assailant believed to be armed with a crossbow has killed six hedgehogs in Cambridge in what the RSPCA has condemned as “one of the most malicious incidents of animal cruelty”. The dead creatures were found lined up in a row on Yarrow Road in the Cherry Hinton area of Cambridge on Tuesday night.This comes a week after three hedgehogs were found stabbed to death also in Cherry Hinton.

Richard Lythgoe, RSPCA inspector, told the Cambridge News: “This is one of the most malicious incidents of animal cruelty which I have had to deal with. The bodies of six adult hedgehogs have been found lined up in a row on clear display for everyone to see.”

He added that there were “hole marks on each of their bodies which could not have been caused by an animal attack. Our initial thoughts are that these hedgehogs could have been shot with a crossbow – which is clearly very worrying.”

Tracy Okten, a local resident who was contacted by the finder of the hedgehogs, was “horrified” by the discovery, stating that “”They are obviously deranged psychopaths, whoever is doing it.”

A police spokeswoman said: “We had a call at 7.50pm on Tuesday from a member of the public reporting six dead hedgehogs along Yarrow Road near to a bus stop. The animals had been left in a row.”

Police are currently working with the RSPCA in gathering evidence to find the perpetrators.

Elle Dickinson

Image: Owen Massey McKnight