CSEP launch alternative lecture course

Nathaniel Darling 2 February 2014

On Tuesday the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP) launched an alternative lecture course, as part of its ‘Not in the Curriculum’ series.

The CSEP was launched two years ago in response to what was believed to be a lack of ‘pluralism’ in the Cambridge Economics course. After consultation with the Economics faculty, three PhD students have designed a five-part lecture series: ‘Paper 0: Some Neglects of Neoclassical Economics’.

The first lecture was entitled ‘Regional development disparities: A fault (line) in Britain’, and was attended by just over twenty people. Other lectures in the series will address inequality, the philosophy of Economics, Economic Sociology, and class and capitalism.

The course is lectured by PhD students, except for the last lecture in the series, which will be taken by Dr Thomas Jeffrey Miley from the department of Sociology.

Speaking to The Cambridge Student, Alice Krozer, coordinator and PhD student in development studies, said, “Students have a right to know that there is not one true theory in economics, but several, and they might all have some validity.

“We think that learning from each other and exchanging the knowledge we individually have is an important and useful source we can tap into.”