A classical guide to Cambridge

Recital in Queens' College Hall
Image credit: J. Nathan Matias

Classical music is everywhere in Cambridge. It’s something our university does best. Yet it can easily pass us by. Here’s our guide for what to look out for:

Instrumental music is hardly lacking. CUCO is the pinnacle of orchestral playing for any Cantab’s university career. Their first gig of the year is at the West Road Concert Hall this Saturday, the 26th. In contrast, CUSO is run and operated by students, and I’m sure you can spot an extra twinkle in the players’ eyes because of it.

If a whole orchestra seems daunting, start at lunchtime recitals: held every Tuesday in West Road, these boast the cream of solo and ensemble performers, with the added bonuses of a) eating lunch while you listen, and b) being relatively short.

The real diamond in Cambridge: is evensong. The service might put some people off, for centuries the church was the best employer composers had, and so much of their music is simply unparalleled in its celestial charm. The chapel choirs certainly do it justice:  beautiful pieces in stunning acoustics on your doorstep for free. What more could you want?

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