Console Wars Round 3: PlayStation 3

Image credit: Tom Ruddle/ThatGameCompany

Each week, a member of the TCS Team champions a video game console as their pick for "Most Important Console". This week, Ciaran Deasy picks the PlayStation 3.

Many people’s favourite console is the first that resonated with them. Early gaming experiences are given a certain golden glimmer that makes them stand out in memory. But I think that gaming has leapt forward over the years, and the PS3 represents the pinnacle of gaming’s achievements.

Gaming has matured as a narrative medium, and the PS3 has exhibited again and again. The first game that made me realise this was Heavenly Sword. It was a ten-hour cinematic epic, the first time I had seen something of that film-like calibre. It was followed shortly afterwards by the Uncharted games, which have become the canonical example of cinematic gaming.

The PS3 also coincided with the rise of smaller digital games: from the early fast-paced arcade shooter Super Stardust HD, right up to more recent, emotive titles, like The Unfinished Swan. Special props, of course, have to go to ThatGameCompany’s three tiny masterpieces flOw, Flower and Journey, which leverage the “small but memorable” format. They only last a couple of hours each, but they fit more emotion into that time than most 10-40 hour retail titles.

Furthermore, the PS3’s many great titles were punctuated with shiny new features, like PlayStation Network, which provides free online play, unlike Xbox Live. Also, the introduction of trophies to add competition with friends and recently, integration with the PS Vita to allow you to play PS3 games on the move means gaming has never been this good.

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