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In celebration of Pokémon X and Y being released, I've been having Pokémon-based daydreams over the last few days, mainly about my ideal team, but also whether the Pokémon world has universities. And if they do have universities, would they do the same subjects as us? After a few more hours, I'd composed this list – the Pokémon mascots for a few subjects.

Hoothoot - Law

Hoothoot was infamous in Pokémon Gold and Silver for only being available at night and, in the same way, trying to contact a lawyer in the daytime will probably have them shout at you for interrupting their nap. Law is as baffling as Hoothoot’s ‘Confusion’ attack and that expression screams “I’ve been kept up all night with inordinate amounts of coffee, but I’m still ready to stare you down”. Furthermore, it evolves into Noctowl, which looks exactly the same but much scarier, just like real lawyers.

Meowth - Economics

Meowth’s well known for being in Team Rocket in the anime, where he’s constantly trying to be accepted as a real member, like how economics wants to believe it’s a real science. Its feline nature gives it cunning, but (as evidenced by its move, Pay Day) Meowth is entirely money motivated – plus it evolves into Persian, the cat owned by the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. Money motivated and will inevitably become a minion of a large, faceless corporation? Hmmm...

Magnemite - Physics

Magnemite is the physicist’s friend, with magnet-based signature moves, like Magnet Bomb, as well as its robotic nature and aptitude for technology. Magnemite evolves into Magneton (three Magnemites) and then into Magnezone (an amorphous blob) if it’s in a specific cave. Similarly, physics students, who generally start off alone, will inevitably form cliques with other physicists. Therefore, we can only assume they will someday form a group consciousness at the Cavendish.

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