Review: Trinity Hall garden party 2017

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Trinity Hall garden party was a low-key but enjoyable affair, positioned right at the start of the escalation up to the main May Week frivolities, and it made for an exciting taster of things to come.

In the glorious sunshine, Tit Hall’s Latham Lawn was alive with activity as guests made the most of what the £17 ticket had to offer, on Sunday afternoon. As one of the more inexpensive events of the week, I was looking forward to an opportunity to indulge but without any of the fireworks.

The food and drinks on offer were the staples of any garden party – Pimm’s, ice cream van Mr Whippy, and BBQ fare – all on tap, and even in spite of this constantly replenishing supply, I found that I did not have to queue for anything longer than five minutes. Often, queues are the bane of partygoers’ fun-filled lives in May Week, but at this event, it was not a problem. There was plenty of space for guests to sit down on the lawn or wander around the court, and this made for a nice chilled-out vibe.

The entertainment lined up was a little more hit and-miss, however. The marquee where the live music performers were based produced a pleasant ambience to the event, and at times, their performances came to the fore, attracting the main focus of attention of the guests, especially the band Saachi, whose multi-instrument ensemble came across well due to their interesting arrangements of well-known tunes.

However, the disco terrace round the corner was largely neglected, despite having three different acts lined up, and this was largely down to the location being poorly-signposted. I only had the faint sound of clashing music to go on to find the terrace, and I had the same problem trying to find where the crafts were going on, but sadly to no avail. The party also hosted a magic performer, which I was particularly looking forward to seeing, but again I felt that the act was not given the high profile it deserved in order for it to be enjoyed by all.

For those students wanting to visit each of the colleges over their time at Cambridge, there have been two opportunities to come to Tit Hall this week, as there is also the Trinity Hall May Ball still to come; however, sadly, to a certain degree, it did feel as though the garden party was in some way overshadowed by the upcoming May Week-proper.

This might have been the result of the laid-back style of the event, which is not something necessarily to complain about, as I certainly appreciated the relaxed feel of the afternoon and got exactly what I paid for; however, I couldn’t help but feel that with a few extra touches – a theme to work around, a wider food and drink selection, better signposting, the party would have shone more in its own right.

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