Review: Robinson May Ball

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The theme of this year’s Robinson May Ball was “The Night Circus” and the evening was a roaring success. Well-known for being both reasonably priced and a fabulous May Ball, Robinson lived up to all expectations and provided a fantastic range of food, drink and entertainment.

The music was far and away the best aspect of the ball for me. There was a main stage in the garden, an acoustic stage in the bar and a jazz stage in High Court, meaning the range of music was wide enough to keep everyone happy. All of the acts were The way that the music venues were laid out meant that guests were never far from Special mention goes to SAACHI, Gaby and the Gardeners, Chainska Brassika and VANT who were all highlights of the evening. That being said, there was controversy caused by the Beyoncé tribute act which rounded up the music for the night.

In addition to all of the music on offer, there was entertainment in the form of a casino, a silent disco, a bouncy castle, swing boats, a henna stand, dodgems and a ‘total wipeout’ room, much of which was in-keeping with the “night circus” theme. There were also stunning fireworks early in the evening which could be seen from the Garden Bridge. The decorations around the college were impressive and creative, with trick mirrors, streamers and coloured lights demonstrating a well thought-out theme.

Throughout the evening guests enjoyed a variety of food and drink, from Jack’s Gelato, waffles and strawberries and cream to fish and chips, nachos and toasties. In the small hours tea, coffee and bacon rolls were brought out. There was still food available at the end of the night and different kinds of refreshment being brought out at various intervals added to the fun of the evening. There was an equally wide range of drinks on offer, with various cocktail stands around college in addition to beer, gin and tonic and champagne.

The evening was briefly interrupted by a fire alarm around 22:30, but this was dealt with swiftly and the night continued smoothly. A small thing with which impressed me was the availability of bins around college, meaning the area stayed generally quite clean.

Considering that this is one of the cheapest May Balls in Cambridge (a non-college member ticket being just £100), the range of music, entertainment and food and drink was spectacular, and the entry system was efficient enough that everyone got to enjoy it to the full. All in all, I am very impressed and would definitely recommend this ball to anyone looking to enjoy May Week to the full on a budget.

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