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At £80, Wolfson June Event is one of the most affordable Mayweek nights. What can you really get for the price?

Despite its name, Wolfson offers a full-length affair, with the survivors photo taken just after 5 am. It started in its own unique style - I’ve seen sweets and drinks given out to the queue, but it was the first time I saw a roaring dinosaur in chains paraded for our amusement. "Aeons", the theme, focused on different ages of the Earth, and, for the budget, was not too badly executed - the underwater decorations might have been pretty amateur, but the selection of themed entertainment worked quite well. Wolfson offered a very balanced event - two live music stages, a comedy room, three or four chill out areas, including a casino, shisha and a life drawing room, and lots of activities, from laser tag and zorbing to a mountain slide and a rodeo worked really well. If King’s Affair is a glorified bop, this felt like a glorified Queens’ Bounce coupled with a Churchill guest night - but with enough additions to make it worth more than the two put together. 

The food wasn’t the greatest quality (for instance, Trinity Hall, disappointing in other respects, did a very good job at the food for a similar price), but there was a lot of it, and there weren’t that many queues - apart from the crepes. The food was also available throughout the night, so if you felt pecking after a third go on the lasers at 3am, there were some satisfying carbs on offer. Pizza, fajitas, burgers, hot dogs and doughnuts - all pretty standard, nothing remarkably executed, but very solid. Plenty of veggie options and some non-alcoholic drinks were on offer. The entertainment was on point - I might never have heard of The Subways before, but they delivered an energetic and enthusiastic set (although they really needed a much better ventilated room). Student May Ball regulars, such as Adelaide and Colonel Spanky’s Love Ensemble, not to mention the Cambridge Impronauts, all gave really solid performances. Wolfson has a very strong comedy tradition, and the June Event delivered a full-length Howler as a part of the ball. 

One could see savings everywhere, from the paper wristband to the brochure resembling a theatre flyer at best. However, they were savings worth making - for the price, Wolfson delivered a really varied Event, brimming with activities and entertainment. It’s a great event to go to with a big company, but even a smaller group would always find things to enjoy.

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