CUSU Election 2017: Florence Oulds

Will Tilbrook 3 March 2017

Homerton student Florence Oulds is running for the uncontested position of Disabled Students' Officer in the upcoming CUSU/GU Election. The Cambridge Student asked each candidate why there were running, and for a comment on their manifesto's key policies.

"I'm running because although the position isn't even a year old, it's already made such a difference to the lives of disabled students. The current DSO Jessica Wing has done such a brilliant job identifying areas where the university is failing disabled students, and having someone dedicated to fighting for these students against the often confusing and scary policies of the University surrounding disability is such a good thing. I'm running because I really want to be able to continue this good work, and to be someone who is committed to making the lives of disabled students at Cambridge better so they don't have to do so alongside their already exhausting degree work."

"I split my manifesto into two sections ('For Students' & 'University-Wide') just to clarify what I'll be doing with the role. Although the University-Wide policies will of course affect students, I aim to be someone students can approach for help with specific problems, as well as someone who will look for wider problems I can solve within the university. My main policy is the creation of resources to spread awareness about disability, as this will affect both disabled and non-disabled students. I want disabled students to know the full range of resources and options available to them, and they for me are of course the priority, but I also know that while most students will have an idea of what 'disabled' means, ignorance and naivety is the source of a lot of disableism that disabled students face on a daily basis. There is no one experience that joins all disabled people together, and I don't want to suggest that there is, but I do want to make the studying, socialising, and living of disabled students in Cambridge easier."

Voting for the election opens at 9am on Tuesday 7 March and closes on Friday 10 March at 5pm.