CUSU Election 2017: Lola Olufemi

Will Tilbrook 4 March 2017

Selwyn student Lola Olufemi is running for the uncontested position of Women's Officer in the upcoming CUSU/GU Election. The Cambridge Student asked each candidate why there were running, and for a comment on their manifesto's key policies.

"I ran because I've been engaged with the Women's Campaign since by first year and have seen it's incredible potential to enact change, provide a space for women and non-binary students to exist free from institutional oppression and to learn about feminist activism and organising.It's a community but it's also a strong force that refuses to be silent or palatable, even when the university demands that of us. I think there is a lot to be done in order to make women and non-binary students feel like Cambridge is as much ours as our male counterparts – from feeling safe on campus, to expanding reading lists and curriculums, providing a network of support between women and non-binary students and academics. I see the role as continuing the work of previous women's officers who have used the it to tackle misogyny, racism and transphobia head on and wanted to a part of this legacy.

"The most pressing issue right now and one of my most important manifesto points is helping to analyse and increase transparency about how the university deals with sexual assault. This is pertinent because the university is releasing a sexual assault policy very soon. I want to collect testimonials from the undergraduate body and present a paper or art piece about the process of establishing a comprehensive sexual assault policy and historical silence around sexual assault in higher institutions.

Voting for the election opens at 9am on Tuesday 7 March and closes on Friday 10 March at 5pm.