CUSU Election 2017: Martha Krish

Will Tilbrook 6 March 2017

Robinson student Martha Krish is running for the uncontested position of Education Officer in the upcoming CUSU/GU Election. The Cambridge Student asked each candidate why there were running, and for a comment on their manifesto's key policies.

"I’m running because our experience of academic work has the ability to shape our entire time here at Cambridge and influence every area of student life. I want to work towards making these experiences as stress-free and supportive as possible. I also think that there is lots to be done in terms of decolonising and broadening the Cambridge curricula and I want to prove that this kind of change is actually possible and that students can be the leaders in making decisions about curricula. Another reason I am running is that the decisions that are made now in terms of National Higher Education policy are going to determine the affordability of university for the next generation of students. It is vitally important that we focus on the changes being made before it becomes too late.

"This is why I consider resisting TEF (the Teaching Excellence Framework) to be one of my most important policies. In addition to this I think that focussing on the parity of educational experience is vital in an institution like Cambridge. The data clearly shows that minority and marginalised groups are less satisfied with the education that they get here and also achieve less highly academically. This is not something that we can just accept as the way things are but an injustice that we should fight in all of its forms. If we, as an educational institution, are not giving all students an equal opportunity to achieve, then we are failing all students."

Voting for the election opens at 9am on Tuesday 7 March and closes on Friday 10 March at 5pm.