CUSU Election 2017: Micha Frazer-Carroll

Will Tilbrook 5 March 2017

Corpus Christi student Micha Frazer-Carroll is running for the uncontested position of Welfare and Rights Officer in the upcoming CUSU/GU Election. The Cambridge Student asked each candidate why there were running, and for a comment on their manifesto's key policies.

"I ran for the role because I have always had a strong passion and dedication to welfare, and after coming out of a long struggle with my own mental health, I can think of nothing more valuable and worthwhile than dedicating my time, motivation and drive to supporting other students'. I've worked on the Welfare Body of Corpus, and as Ethnic Minorities' Officer, Disabilities Rep, and Student Minds Rep, and have widely employed my love of writing in my activism; the fuel and energy that all of these activities gave me inspired me to undertake welfare and representation as my job. I've also always felt that welfare is an intersectional issue, and feel that as a black woman with lived experience of how domains of oppression can play out in terms of wellbeing, I'm in a strong position to represent the welfare of marginalised students.

"My manifesto is centred around three main themes: standardisation across colleges, access to resources and intersectionality. I can't pick a most important policy because I do think that Welfare and Rights is such a large umbrella term for so many things; it spans mental health and neurodiversity, sexual health, interpersonal relationships, and student-University relations, as well as aspects of identity like disability, race, class, gender and sexuality. I've tried to reflect this diversity of interest in my manifesto and I'd be stretched to choose one issue to prioritise over the others. However to sum up the three main themes: there are undoubtedly discrepancies between colleges in terms of the access that students have to support, as well as disciplinary procedures (there's been a lot about this in the press recently). In the same vein as Amelia Horgan's 'Mind the Gap' paper (2015), I would like to produce a report on welfare and mental health experiences across the university, so that myself and my successors will better be able to see what needs changing, and what needs standardising. I'm plugging access to resources because I don't think enough students really know where to go when seeking help, and I think we need more widely available informative materials, and importantly, we need to hear more success stories from past users. Under this policy I'm also pushing for recorded lectures. Intersectionality will involve teaming up with the autonomous campaigns and running more discussions on how identity interacts with our welfare.

Voting for the election opens at 9am on Tuesday 7 March and closes on Friday 10 March at 5pm.