CUSU/GU Election Drama

Will Tilbrook 9 March 2017

The last week has seen election fever sweep over the whole university, with everything from the doorways into lectures to the radio airwaves being covered by campaigners for the candidates running in the CUSU/ GU Election. This has certainly felt a bit overwhelming, especially with the student press making the most of the chance to try out their live-blogging skills (guilty as charged) and the candidates themselves using social media to their advantage as if there was no tomorrow.

However, beyond all of the bombast of hustings and the dramatic headlines, it’s important to remember that the CUSU elections serve a purpose which, whether we are apathetic or not, affects us all. By 5pm on Friday, Cambridge students will have chosen a new cohort of student union officers whose job, collectively, will be to represent the interests of all students at the University. This means that we are all stakeholders in this election to some extent, and this is one of the reasons why we would encourage readers to find the time to vote for what they believe in. CUSU can hardly be described as a perfect organisation or student union, and President Amatey Doku has always been the first to suggest that CUSU needs reform; so when given the opportunity comes up to influence these changes and choose the people who represent you, the chance has to be taken.