CUSU-GU elections: Doku triumphs with 1000-vote margin

Hayden Banks 3 March 2016

The CUSU-GU election results reveal Amatey Doku has taken the presidency in a lower total voter turnout than last year.

Amatey, a third-year Jesus student and former JCSU President, won with 1671 votes, followed by Angus Satow in second place with 615 votes. Cornelius Roemer came third, with John Sime in last place. 

Welfare and Rights Officer was a hotly contested position with Sophie Buck ousting Poppy Ellis Logan with 1364 votes to 769

Women’s Officer was the only other contested CUSU sabbatical position, with FLY campaigner Audrey Sebatindira winning with 805 votes, ahead of former Queens’ JCR Women’s representative Connie Muttock.

Eireann Attridge beat RON to be elected as Access and Funding Officer, taking over from Helena Blair who has been in the role since 2014.

Roberta Huldisch, third year HSPS Student, was elected as Education Officer, another position uncontested apart from RON.

More to follow. 

Amendment: This article initially stated that the overall voter turnout was higher than last year, when in fact the total number of votes was lower.