CUSU supports motion for sustainable May Balls

Caithlin Ng 5 February 2018

CUSU voted at today’s CUSU Council (5 February) to support the Sustainable Ball movement through Ethical Affairs. The motion was proposed by CUSU Ethical Affairs Officer Ellen Pearce-Davies.

CUSU notes for the meeting claimed that “May Balls in their current state are extremely unsustainable”, and that “they use an excessive amount of resources, create a huge amount of waste and produce a lot of extra greenhouse gases”. Pearce-Davies stated that during “every May Ball…an obscene amount of food and drink is thrown away”, whilst the CUSU Council notes also stated that, to resolve the issue, CUSU should officially support the Sustain-a-ball campaign jointly with other interested parties, and to mandate the CUSU Ethical Affairs Team to work on creating greener Balls.

The Council notes also promoted the idea of a member being appointed to “facilitate a working relationship between the Ethical Affairs Team and CUECS”, and all college JCRs will be encouraged to have a Green Officer or equivalent involved with May Balls. As Pearce-Davies argued, "over 100 people signed a petition to have a Green Officer on every May Ball committee"; whilst she acknowledged the campaign to “help make May Balls greener” was one which would continue into the future and build on all progress made.