CUSU to open recruitment for enquiry tomorrow

Sophie Dickinson 10 October 2017
Image credit: N Chadwick

CUSU president Daisy Eyre announced at CUSU Council today (9th October) that recruitment will begin tomorrow for roles on the financial enquiry committee.

Eyre detailed that her predecessor, Amatey Doku, should have begun the recuitment process after the final CUSU Council meeting of the 2016-17 academic year. Despite this not being fulfilled, the motion itself will not be amended.

Applicants will make a speech at the next CUSU Council, and then will be voted on to the enquiry.

This comes as CUSU confirmed a £50,000 loss for the last financial year. Eyre told TCS that the delay in announcing this loss was due to “the process of getting to grips with the new charity accounting framework (the FRS 102)” and “more protracted communication between ourselves and our accountants”.

CUSU’s finances have also affected The Cambridge Student’s print schedule, which is now fortnightly.

More information about applying to for an enquiry role will be available on the CUSU website.