CUSU write open letter in support of UCU strike

Beatrice McCartney 9 February 2018

CUSU has written an open letter to Vice-Chancellor Professor Toope in support of the staff of Cambridge University, expressing solidarity with the University and College Union (UCU) strike.

CUSU is urging the university to oppose the proposed changes to the USS pension scheme, which if carried out would mean that most staff would find their pensions reduced by 10-40%.  

The letter also expresses the concern that in the long term, pension changes will ‘drive capable staff away’ from the higher education system as a whole.

CUSU stresses that although they do not wish for our education to be disrupted by the strike, the university must ‘use its voice to defend the pensions of its staff’.

The letter concludes: ‘We urge you to exert the utmost influence to protect the pensions of your staff. Please remember that today’s CUSU members are tomorrow’s academics, researchers and teachers. These are our future pensions at stake here as well as those of your present talented and dedicated staff.’

Daisy Eyre has asked for students to sign CUSU’s open letter in order to condemn the pension changes that have led to the UCU strike.