Dance Team fancy their cha-cha-chances in Varsity match following illuminating Blackpool experience

Robert Pott CUDT 12 March 2011

The 49th annual Inter-Varsity DanceSport competition was held last weekend at the spiritual home of competitive dancing, the Empress Ballroom in Blackpool. This historic floor has felt the footfall of the best dancers from Britain and around the world and the Cambridge University DanceSport team were once again proud to compete against the strongest dancers on the university circuit.

The ‘Opens’ saw excellent competition, with adrenaline and excitement running high and couples giving it their all on the floor. There were many successes and Cambridge ended up with a good number of dancers in their respective finals.

Mention must be made of Youyi Hwang & Sandra Thomas who won the beginners’ cha, Misha Aizatulin & Maja Choma along with Steve Irish & Rachel Russel who made the novice finals in Latin and Modern respectively.

Credit is also due to Stas Pstrokonski & Hanna Wikstrom who made the intermediate Modern finals, Tadhgh Barwell O’Connor & Halliki Voolma reached the intermediate Ballrom finals, Kenneith Yong & Olesya Nikiforova made the advanced Latin finals and finally, alumni couple Alex Marsh & Nicola Gray who won through to the advanced ex-student Latin finals.

Congratulations to those couples and the dozens who exceeded their own expectations, beating their rivals from other universities.

The team matches were highly contested and a fantastic end to a powerful day of dancing. Cambridge fielded teams A through F, and all teams excellently made it through to the first division, pushing out many rivals. Due to some wonderful performances Cambridge came away with the D, E and F team trophies. The Cambridge C-team beat Oxford’s B (along with many others), and our A and B teams put up a wonderful fight against their counterparts.

However, despite a truly epic showing of the depth of talent in the Cambridge team, Oxford walked away with the overall trophy.

All is not lost, however, as there is still the much anticipated Varsity match, due to take place in May. Cambridge are keen to once again set the floor on fire and bring back that coveted trophy.

Robert Pott CUDT