Defend the Indefensible: Neighbours

Naomi Pyburn 7 February 2014

These days, admitting you like Neighbours is quite the social faux pas. People will no doubt give you odd looks, you'll probably go down in the esteem of your peers and your taste/sanity might be brought into question. If you reveal any sort of fanaticism or addiction to the show you may actually lose some friends. What I want to know is who decided Neighbours was so tragically uncool all of a sudden? In our parents' glory days, it was common (even cool) for conversation to be peppered with Neighbours-related comments, reactions and opinions, just as we might sit around and discuss developments in Sherlock, Doctor Who and The X Factor nowadays. Yet for some reason, this is no longer the case, despite the show being as brilliantly twee as it's always been. I would like to controversially propose that Neighbours is still one of the best soaps around and that its reputation for being boring Australian drivel is completely undeserved. I'd much rather watch a happy cast playing cricket in Ramsay Street, with the backdrop of light, sunny domestic dramas, than mass swearing and arguing in a dingy pub by Z-list 'celebrities' and their poorly dyed hair. I know soaps portraying the latter are probably more realistic, but my day has likely been bad enough already without having to suffer the parade of grumpy, aggressive characters and the nightmare plot lines they grudgingly depict. I am proud to say that I love Neighbours; with its bumbling characters, predictable story lines and slightly cheesy scenes, what more could one need to brighten up a drab day?