Difficulties of dating in the bubble

Diana Paulding 14 February 2014

Valentine’s Day comes round again, and suddenly we’re very aware of contented couples celebrating their deep-rooted affection. Perhaps some romantics will be cycling out to the station to go to see the other half of their long distance relationship. Then the sun will set, the day will draw to an end, and the stellar night-life of Cambridge will open its peculiarly greasy doors. People will head out, and there’s no doubt that some will embark upon a new relationship that will end in the early hours of the morning.

A dichotomy becomes apparent,between those who are fully committed to a long term romance, and those who just want to enjoy the occasional fling on the dance floor. Cambridge often seems to forget about the shades of grey (no connotations intended) in between. Unlike other places, few people are interested in casual dating, perhaps because Cantabs have to force life into the small gaps around studying. Unfortunately love has to adhere to our essay deadlines.

Some people are prepared to commit to a serious relationship and make time for their love life, whereas others prefer to keep it casual. At the risk of being oxymoronic, casual commitment is rarely embraced in Cambridge life. In our world of work, it’s all or nothing.