Divest, Disarm, Decolonise

Kaia Nisser 18 November 2018
Image Credit: Cambridge Zero Carbon Society

On November 16, 300 students gathered at the Mass Rally: Divest, Disarm, Decolonise!, led by Cambridge Decolonisation Network, Demilitarise Cambridge, Cambridge University Palestine Society – PalSoc, Cambridge Zero Carbon Society, and Cambridge Defend Education.

Their aim to divest, disarm and decolonise our university has arisen due to recent reports revealing £20.7 million worth of investments in fossil fuel companies and £6.5 million worth of investments in arms manufacturing companies by 20 colleges across Cambridge. The selling of weapons manufactured by such corporations have contributed to violence in Yemen, Palestine, and Egypt, whilst fossil fuels continue to contribute to the injustices of climate change, disproportionately felt by those in the global south.

The students marched through the streets of Cambridge, ending at the Senate House where they made their demands to the university, asking them to listen and act now!

TCS Telly’s Kaia Nisser attended the rally and chatted to some of the students involved in the movement. Catch the action, and hear what they have to say here.