Donate thousands of pounds to charity by surfing the web

Rohan Giblin 12 February 2015

Ever wanted to raise money for charity by just opening a tab? Of course you have! And if you have Google Chrome or Firefox, now is your chance to fulfil that long-desired dream! An extension that I have recently discovered allows you to do just this.

‘Tab for a Cause’ works like this: the extension opens a new tab specially designed by the Tab for a Cause organisation. This page informs you about charitable causes and displays some advertisements. Nothing pops out at you and it doesn’t affect your daily internet life in any way, nor does the extension store any data about your searches. Tab for a Cause user Liv Robinson even went as far as describing it as a “seamlessly integrated experience”.

The team gains money from advertisements every time you click on a new tab. By opening new tabs, you rack up ‘hearts’ – the Tab for a Cause currency. Using these you can donate to a range of specific charities or causes of your choice. For example, if you choose to donate to health, money goes towards both Save the Children (yay!) and Action against Hunger. Alternatively, you could just donate all your hearts to Save the Children. Hint hint.

The extension is aimed at students, something that Cambridge student David Lowis found particularly effective. He says “being a student and writing all these essays, all we do is surf the internet so if we can somehow do that and make some good come out of it, how lovely”. The extension has so far raised just under $100,000, with 90% going directly to the cause you want. All bias aside, it is a really nice and effective idea.


The author is Vice-President of CU’s branch of ‘Save the Children’.