Double denim and beyond

Maddy Airlie 15 February 2015

Speaking as someone who used to own 14 pairs of jeans, I declare most definitely that denim is essential in anyone’s wardrobe. Jeans will always be there for you, for relaxed Sunday afternoons, and – depending on the situation – they could help you navigate the dreaded dress code that is smart casual.  But after years of squeezing into skinnies, shaving just your ankles in case they were on show in a cropped pair or pondering whether you can be a feminist and believe in the term ‘boyfriend jeans’, the times are, indeed, a-changing. Relaxed is the buzzword now, for fit, and little details, like a drawstring waistband or jewel embellishments for that 70s glam rock factor, will carry you confidently into spring/summer ’15.

A denim jacket will be your key investment, in fact you should really buy two: one that is a bit oversized – best to get a real vintage one as they tend to be cheaper that the Levi version Urban Outfitters sell for extortionate monies – to go with anything you wear above knee length; and then one fitted, maybe even slightly cropped, which will look great with maxi lengths. If you are feeling very brave, you could even – deep breath –  double denim, and wear a denim shirt with your jeans; just please remember to wear items in different shades at least (we don’t need a complete regression to the 80s thank you).

Topshop’s recent collaboration with Marques’Almeida produced lots of interesting denim wear (they even tempted me into re-thinking white denim) including sleeveless shift dresses and t shirts, so make the most of the sale and snap up something to stay ahead of the curve for next season!