Drugged girl collapses in club

Catherine Watts 9 February 2008

Catherine Watts

News Editor

A Girton student has been left shaken and confused after a suspected drinkspiking left her with the highest levels

of illicit drugs in her system that her doctor had ever seen.

The student’s Sunday night out, which began with a formal swap, took a nasty turn for her after she moved onto Vodka Revolution. The girl is said to have collapsed on the dance floor before allegedly being ejected from the club by bouncers, who believed her to be drunk. The student says that she does not remember a thing.

She was taken back to her college by a friend, who arrived as she was being assisted into a taxi by the door staff. Although it appeared that she had merely drunk too much, her friend, a fellow Girtonian, told The Cambridge Student (TCS) that she knew something was wrong. Worried that her friend’s state was to do with a pre-existing medical condition, she accompanied her back to her room.

“She was in a really bad way,” she said. “She started to throw up and was passing out. I was slapping her cheeks to keep her awake. She was talking gibberish and her pupils were dilating.”

But when paramedics arrived, they reportedly refused to take the student to hospital, as it was believed she was drunk. The student instead took herself to the doctor’s the next day, after waking up with “a horrific headache.”

“It wasn’t like a normal hangover,” the student told TCS. “I felt really nauseous and really weak.”

After a series of blood-tests, it became clear that she had been affected by an excessive amount of illicit drugs, the exact nature of which doctors are still trying to identify. And on Wednesday, three days after the incident, there was still evidence of the drugs in her system.

“My doctor’s surprised I was still walking,” the student said. “And I really don’t remember very much.

“It’s really, really scary. I’m from London and go out a lot – you expect it to happen more there,” she added.

“But in a way, I was lucky, because it could have been so much worse.”

“You don’t expect that to happen in Cambridge”, her friend agreed. “I don’t know what would have happened if I hadn’t bumped into her.”