Drunken duck with boozy red berries

Gigi Perry 14 November 2013

Speedy, succulent and sound. No getting up at the quack of dawn to make this beauty.


For the drunken duck: 4 duck breasts, generous pinch of coriander, large dash of cinnamon, pinch of nutmeg.

For the boozy berries : glass and a half of port, glass of beef stock, 2 tbsp berry jam, 2 tbsp redcurrant jelly, 1tsp arrowroot , generous cup of mixed frozen berries, salt/pepper


  1. Trim the duck fat from the breasts then score the skin using a sharp knife. Mix the coriander, cinnamon and nutmeg and rub over the scored skin.
  2. Heat a frying pan until very hot. Place the breasts skin-side down and fry until crispy. Press down on them to release the juices. Flip over and flash fry the other side.
  3. Transfer the breasts to a roasting tin and bake for ten minutes in a 220 degree oven. Remove and rest.
  4. Meanwhile, pour the port, stock, jelly and jam into a pan. Bring to the boil then simmer until reduced by half.
  5. Blend the arrowroot with a tablespoon of water and add to the pan along with the berries. Bring to the boil then simmer until the sauce is thick and glossy. Season as desired.
  6. To serve, slice the duck and place on a warmed plate. Inebriate by dowsing in the boozy berry sauce.
  7. Serve with fondant or roast potatoes and green beans. Yum. So berry drunk.