Dude, Where’s my Dude?

Nadia Islam 25 June 2009

The Hangover – 3/5

Watching The Hangover is a bit like going to a Union debate. Things sound funny at the time, but when you come out you wonder why you even bothered laughing.

The film is a comedy centred around three groomsmen on a stag night who lose the groom during their drunken escapades and must retrace their steps in order to find him. The problem is they can’t remember a thing. As the plot unravels their discoveries become fantastical to the point of absurdity. They include peeing in Mike Tyson’s swimming pool, being held ransom by a camp Chinese gangster called Lesley and a member of the group getting married to a stripper.

On glancing over the film’s scenario I rolled my eyes – the plot sounded formulaic and predictable. And true to its nature, the characters were stereotyped to Hollywood perfection. Throw in a creepy fat dude, a couple of hunks and daddy’s little rich girl and The Hangover is just a thirty- something version of Dude, where’s my car? Yet I couldn’t help chuckling along with the rest of the townie-audience at the Grafton.

The film had an old-school –or is that secondary school? – Sense of humour, throwing around used condoms, firing off racial quips and taunting fat people. It’s crude. It’s Un-PC. Yet, for what it’s worth, it’s bloody hilarious. It was sort of like getting in touch with my inner 13 year-old schoolboy. Ordinarily I would give my death stare to a joy-riding bozo if he yelled out “nice rack love” and lines such as “suck on my Chinese nuts” would cringe me into a coma. But here they work.

The Hangover is funny because we have all had that night when we can’t remember what the hell happened and we face the half-fascinating, half-terrifying prospect of finding out what we actually got up to.

Indeed, the film’s arrival in cinemas this May Week couldn’t be better timed. It’s not the type of film you would take your friend who is a fan of Tom Stoppard-esque humour, but more with a friend who you can share a good MILF/DILF joke with.
All in all, The Hangover is a bit like recovering memories of a particularly heady May ball. And if you haven’t had such a night, get yourself down to either Vue or Cineworld. You might not want to remember all the details of the film, but you definitely won’t regret going to see it.

Nadia Islam