Edinburgh Napier graduate fights to change degree class

Emily Loud 5 July 2011

A graduate of Architectural Technology is planning to sue his former university, Edinburgh Napier, in a dispute over his degree classification. Glen Dickinson, 23, received a 2:2 in his BSc, as opposed to the 2:1 which he maintains he deserved.

Dickinson told the Edinburgh Evening News ‘I’m really disappointed, I worked really hard throughout my whole degree and had a 67.9% average at the start of this year.’ Instead his overall score was 59.41%, resulting in a lower classification, which he says has left him struggling to find employment.

He cites a traumatic car accident and health problems in his final year as mitigating circumstances, as well as a ‘disastrous module’, which around a third of his year failed.

Furthermore, it seems that Dickinson has been subject to a numerical oversight, as the University’s exam regulations state that students scoring between 58% and 59.4% can be considered for a discretional 2:1 and those scoring 59.5% or above have their classification automatically rounded up. This means that Dickinson has ended up in an uncomfortable grey area between these percentage boundaries.

A spokeswoman for the University confirmed that they were liaising with Dickinson, but added that ‘for complaints to be formally investigated they should be raised while the student is still matriculated with us.’ Since he is now a graduate, this presents further complications.

Nonetheless, his case has the support of the Napier branch of the Independent Students’ Association of Scotland, and he is currently applying for civil legal aid to take his case to court.

Emily Loud