Editorial – Easter Issue 1 2013

25 April 2013

Apparently, TCS “is known for attacking ethnic minority students through its pages.” We’re known for a number of things, in so far as we are “known” at all. We are known for having lots of typos, for having quite long theatre reviews, for being a bit mean about Michael Gove. We are known (we hope) for letting anyone write for us, because we believe that every student deserves the chance to write for a weekly paper.

But “known for attacking ethnic minority students”? Hardly. If these allegations were published in a blog, or an angry letter, they would be easy to ignore. But they were published in Pakistan’s largest English-language newspaper, a paper which claims to have a circulation of 140,000, and is distributed in London. No matter how little basis they have, these claims deserve a proportionate response. They kick, we kick back.

Our editorial team have received threats of violence from racist groups as a result of our investigative reporting. Racism does exist, and must always be fought against. However, when cries of “racism” are used as a smokescreen against valid and proper criticism, it undermines the cause. There is a race gap in the University’s admissions, and the sooner this gap can be closed the better. The University acknowledges there is a problem, and established the Group to Encourage Ethnic Minority Applications to tackle it. But for The News International to say that ‘racism is flourishing in Cambridge’ demeans the work of all the students who spend their time campaigning against it. They say that racism is flourishing here. We, and 400 other Cambridge residents who marched against the EDL, beg to differ.

We were surprised to read that we are “racist,” but not surprised to see that Arsalan Ghani was involved. Ghani’s antics will be familiar to our regular readers. We have provided Ghani with ample opportunities to defend himself. We have repeatedly contacted him, offering him the opportunity to respond to the allegations made against him. Despite assuring a TCS reporter more than two months ago that he would answer our questions, we are still waiting.

Ghani is happy to submit thousand word missives on the condition that we publish them unedited, but not to answer questions. He prefers to publish slurs in international newspapers than to hold himself accountable to the weekly paper of his own university.

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