Editorial Lent Issue 8 2010

James Burton 11 March 2010

It’s now clear that Rahul Mansigani is going to be the next CUSU President. Congratulations to him, and to all the other elected Sabbatical Officers.

However, there are going to be a number of issues for the next team of Sabbs to address. Online turnout was hugely down on last year, and four positions were uncontested. It’s going to be an uphill battle to restore election turnout to its previous level.

More serious still are the circumstances that surrounded the delay in printing the previous issue of this paper. The CUSU Trustees’ response to the letter printed in our comment section this week, when it finally arrived, was wholly inadequate. The Trustees claim our signatories were “misled”, that the legal advice they received on Thursday suggested they had “made the right call”.

This is simply not true.

Early on Thursday morning, the editors were told we could not print two articles, even with disclaimers, and that decision was subsequently proved entirely wrong when a solicitor was spoken to. The fact is, the Trustees acted on bad advice before we printed, and subsequently reversed their decision only when forced by the editor to get a qualified professional opinion. To suggest anything else is absurd, and entirely misleading. Hopefully the incoming Sabbatical Officers will be prepared to discuss the issues the letter raises with the seriousness they deserve.

James Burton