Editorial: Lent Week Two

29 January 2010

If you’re like me, you’ll have found it takes a while to settle back into ‘term’ mode. Cambridge life is pretty full on, whether going to Cindies every night is your cup of tea, or it’s rowing that really floats your boat, the transition from holidays to university life is never an easy one.

This difficulty is compounded in the wind-down from Christmas. Let’s face it, no one really does a lot in the festive season, and weekly essays or maths sheets are bound to come as a bit of a shock. The situation is even worse for the unfortunate students at Queens’, where the whole interminable process of heavy-handed punishment by the Dean and ineffective resistance by the JCR grinds onwards.

At least the sports are back, and the Girton rugby team will have been celebrating a win over Trinity on Tuesday that puts them back in with a chance of staying in the 1st Division, whilst Jesus bemoan last night’s loss to John’s.

Much of the excitement of the Cambridge term is, indeed, captured on the sports fields: college rivalries, hard work, and, of course, copious amounts of alcohol afterwards all add up to make a couple of hours on the pitch or the sidelines a far better form of procrastination than watching ‘I’m on a Boat’ on YouTube again.

So take some time to get out of your room and into the open air, and to get fiercely competitive in an arena where bitter rivalries and match-day traditions go back centuries. After all, what could be more quintessentially Cambridge than that?