Editorial – May Week 2012

25 June 2012

Another year gone and another May Week is upon us. Another week in which we get dressed up, get drunk and get called toffs by the readership-hungry, rabble-rousing, hypocritical pseudo-journalists at the Daily Mail.

May Week is one of the things that make Cambridge what it is; a reward for the trials of the previous year unmatched by any other university on the planet (The Other Place doesn’t even come close) and it is a reward which most of us can and should embrace – not just those of us who went to public school.

However, while the Mail is true to its now tired and frankly boring form, using cliches long out of date and failing to arouse any real outrage, there is an element of exclusivity to the whole thing which we should be wary of.

This is most obviously present in some of the Suicide Sunday garden parties open only to a select few (though some are open to all), but even the price tag of a May Ball can be enough to put some off. The Mail’s caricature of all Cambridge students (or at least all those who attend balls and garden parties) is obviously wrong, but we should not pretend that there isn’t some form of elitism within the university (even if it is not necessarily deliberate or class-based). Some are excluded, at least in part, from the festivities either through money or, more normally, contacts and we should not deny this.

Still, May Week is not just about the balls. We all deserve to celebrate our achievements this year with a week of relaxing with our friends in idyllic surroundings. We have done well to get this far, and for some of us this is the last time we will be here. So, forget the future and unwind – you have earned it.

What with this being the final issue of TCS this term, all that remains to be said is to wish everyone a very enjoyable summer.

TCS will be back in print on 27 September 2012 under new editors, Laurence Tidy and Nicholas Tufnell.

We wish them the very best for their editorship.