Editorial – Michaelmas 2009, Issue 6

9 November 2009

Elections for a number of our JCR positions have just opened up at my college.

Hustings, held last weekend, largely brought up the usual issues – from bops to boat clubs. For the first time, though, since I have been here, a question was raised not about how best to engage with CUSU, but rather over whether our JCR should engage with them at all.

With the possible exceptions of international students’ affairs, and a few other individuals, I can’t say I have ever felt my college to have particularly in tune with developments at our Students’ Union. Indeed, I would go so far as to assert that it is only through student journalism that I have every kept in tune with the their issues.

But I wouldn’t call for disaffiliation. As one of the prospective presidents acknowledged, not only is CUSU a vehicle for a number of important campaigns, but it is also one of the few institutions which draw our student body together as a University – not a college, club or faculty.

This is not to say it doesn’t need improvement – it is a body that can be weakened by student disinterest and, indeed, the occasional scandal.Yet, to me, its values for the most part outweigh its failings – a sentiment it seems the Peterhouse community agreed with at today’s open meeting.