Editorial: Michaelmas 2012 Issue 7

8 November 2012

The Cambridge Student has learned that Cambridge University is considering the enforcement of ‘doping tests’ before examinations. To our knowledge, this practice does not occur in any other UK university, and we believe this is for good reason.

The insistence of testing every student for ‘performance enhancing drugs’ implies a condescending culture of distrust amongst fellows and invigilators and would mark the beginnings of the thin end of the wedge. What is an acceptable level of performance enhancement and what is not? Who is to judge this highly subjective question? If a student is punished for taking Modafinil, should he or she be punished for drinking coffee or taking over-the-counter caffeine pills? All can be said to boost performance. TCS opposes the debased and intrusive notion of drug testing and will endeavour to bring you any further information in the weeks and months to come.

Ignorance is bliss and ignorance reigns, for some. The Abort 67 campaign attempts to move women to an anti-choice stance via crass and gruesome imagery. Though respectful of their pro-life beliefs, TCS is more concerned at the blind conviction of such groups in the ‘efficacy’ of their means.

They are deluded. This corresponds to a general misconstruction of how to achieve goals. How to enact political change? How to enact moral change? How to lead the good life? Not showing; but informing, discussing and criticising.

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