Editorial: Michaelmas 2012 Week 8

19 November 2012

The Cambridge Student has ambitious aims and content, but we’re the first to admit that we are not infallible. Fortunately our readers are kind enough to criticise our cock-ups, bemoan our blunders, and grumble about our gaffes; constructive criticism is always welcome and is always taken seriously.

Yet some complaints remain perplexing – especially those of ‘bias’, particularly when we struggle to find a media outlet without one. And in what sense do we mean bias? We strive to produce news that is not prejudiced; our articles are always responses to experience and aim to be reasonable. It would be silly to deny TCS has a ‘line’ or a ‘stance’; it is unavoidable as long as we are totally editorially independent.

When the opinion obstructs objective reporting, we’ve done our job wrong. Of this, we believe, TCS is not guilty.

What TCS tries to do is support the voicing of opinions that are not necessarily the editorial stance. Readers’ letters below; a debate that might shock on page 12; views and reviews dotted throughout. When it comes to freedom of speech, we’re not biased; we’re extremists.

So how to respond to the Cambridge Union debacle? We support the right to protest; we support the right to speak. Everyone should have a platform to make their views heard. That includes the Women’s Campaign.That includes Assange.