Editorial – Michaelmas 2012 Week 9

Nicholas Tufnell & Laurence Tidy 22 November 2012

The ‘No Platform’ policy is ridiculous.

TCS is deeply disturbed by the attitude of the NUS, who believe it acceptable to silence the voices of those they deem to be offensive. Worse still, the policy is beginning to have a creeping influence on Student Unions across the country, which in turn manipulates the stance of student newspapers that don’t have complete editorial independence.

TCS believes that this behaviour is extremely harmful to the progression of fair, accurate and dispassionate journalism. In the wake of publishing an interview with Nick Griffin, The Leeds Student is now set to vote in a referendum to decide whether student media should be allowed to report on certain political groups.

Do the NUS, and other supporters of the ‘No Platform’ policy, not realise that suppressing the voices of those they find objectionable is as fascist as the inane, racist and miasmic guff regularly spouted by people like Nick Griffin?

Apparently not. Apparently they’re happy to remain hypocritical, sanctimonious and fundamentally anti-democratic. We are delighted to learn that Cardiff University’s unanimously voted against implementing a ‘No Platform’ policy, agreeing that all student media and elections must continue to provide an unbiased view regarding potentially contentious issues.

We hope other papers follow suit.

Nicholas Tufnell & Laurence Tidy