Editorial week 2: The Excesses of Cambridge life

Becky Alldridge & Joe Whitwell 1 May 2014

Another Easter term has begun at Cambridge and in usual TCS tradition in exam season we have gone online for the term, but, have no fear, we’ll be back in print in May Week for a glorious edition of May Week splendour.

This first week has been a busy one for TCS, full of procrastination goodness for when you’re hidden away in the library, buried in those seemingly endless books.

We began the week with a thought-provoking contribution from a writer who offered us an inside look into the blame culture that victims of sexual assault often face in our society, Hannah Graham also explored a darker side of our world with her special report into human trafficking. On a lighter note, we debated the decision to invite the infamous, star of Celebrity Big Brother and Sun columnist ‘we all love to hate her’ figure, Katie Hopkins, to the Union. And just in case that wasn’t quite enough for you we also secured an exclusive interview with Ed Miliband discussing the issues most close to students’ hearts- tuition fees and… selfies.

Since it’s the start of the Cambridge week, now is the time to introduce the TCS theme for the coming week: Excess. Cambridge does excess well. Consider how:

We starve ourselves of media from outside the bubble then watch two series of house of cards on netflix in one sitting.

We lock ourselves up in libraries, refusing ourselves access to people then go a little bit crazy on Caesarian Sunday.

We go rowing, then to lectures, then to formal, then to a friend’s birthday drinks, then to cindies, then to gardies. And then we sleep for the next four days.

Our interview with Somebody Else's cambridge highlights this excessive roller coaster, and we are very excited that we will be showcasing an exclusive interview from the blog this week. And of course, on Sunday we will be on hand to deliver the Daily Mail’s favourite narrative of upper-class excess, Caesarian sunday. A topic which our ‘Keep Calm’, Morwenna Jones, Columnist has already expertly analysed.

Finally, if you missed anything this week you can tune into TCS on our Cam FM radio this Friday at 4pm, to hear a round-up of what’s been happening as we talk to Whichmayball about May Ball excess and Justin Timberlake, plus we’ll be chatting to Jack Ranson about his interview with Ed Miliband- it’s not to be missed.

Becky Alldridge & Joe Whitwell

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