Editorial Week 3: We’ll let you into a secret…

Rebecca Alldridge & Joe Whitwell 8 May 2014

The Cambridge student has recently been working with trans* groups to understand how the media’s portrayal of certain issues forms public opinion, so it was disconcerting this week to see the manipulation and factual errors which surrounded the media’s coverage of Oxbridge students as they often adhered to a narrow and largely inaccurate stereotype.

One striking example was the Daily Mail’s coverage of the annual Caesarean Sunday celebrations, TCS reviewed their stupendous attempt to portray us as spoilt privileged students frivolously wasting away an opportunity others would kill for.

Another classic ‘privileged individual born with a silver spoon in his mouth- nasty piece of work’ caricature was to be found this week across the pond at Oxford. The coverage of the Oxford Union President Ben Sullivan’s arrest was supplemented with plenty of vicious gossip about his past and details of his private life strewn across the national papers for the world to see.

Our columnist Morwenna examined this recent sullying at Oxford two years after the Leveson Inquiry into press ethics- encouraging us to re-examine where the press should draw the line and the motivation for the stories we run.

In light of the power of the press, the theme for TCS this week is secrets dealing with some of the more taboo subjects around Cambridge worthy of greater discussion. We will be examining the issues surrounding LGBT and sports, the challenges of coming out in Cambridge and author and Columnist Liz Fraser will be offering her insights into mental health in the bubble, exploring the stresses that often lie behind the calm exterior that we present to our peers.

We also have an exlusive interview from Somebody Else's Cambridge.

Luckily though it’s not all doom and gloom, we will also be unveiling some of Cambridge’s best kept secrets and we’ll be offering you a taster of the fictitious punting tour that punters love to deliver to unsuspecting tourists about Cambridge’s past, as well as a tonne of other great articles. But we are going to keep those up our sleeve for now.

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Becky Alldridge & Joe Whitwell