Editorial Easter Issue 1 2010

If you're reading this, hopefully you've made it back despite the best efforts of plate tectonics to prevent anybody from travelling anywhere.

Nature temporarily triumphed last weekend, knocking even the news of Nick Clegg's emergence as a significant political force off the top spot on the BBC news the night after the party debate. As you'll have seen from our front page, the eruption in Iceland, and the subsequent upheaval it caused, has had a fairly serious effect on life here in Cambridge as well.

Facebook is awash with messages about the disappearance of dissertation supervisors due to airline chaos, and students (including a couple of TCS editors) stranded abroad unable to make it back to Cambridge, many missing important deadlines along the way.

Hopefully the University is committed to providing acceptable alternative arrangements for everyone stranded abroad. The cancellation of MML oral exams was a swift, decisive and sensible move, but there remain cases - some of which have been reported in this paper - where students have been expected to attend exams they couldn't possibly have returned to college in time for. It is important that University authorities recognise this is a serious problem, and take action to ensure no candidate is inadvertently penalised because of a problem no-one could have foreseen.

James Burton

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