Editorial - Lent Issue 4

Investment policy seldom makes for riveting bed-time reading . It can be difficult to follow the outgoings and expenditure of large organisations, or to understand when severe mismanagement of the funds has taken place, particularly when we the individuals responsible do their best to shy away from the truth.

But it's not always so difficult. It can be simple: when thousands of pounds of money raised at a poorly organised charity event fail to materialise, and money starts disappearing from the safe, it's a pretty safe bet that "mismanagement" of one form or another has occured. The Cambridge Student was pained and appalled to read Arsalan Ghani's recent attempts to deny the financial "irregularities" surrounding the Graduate union. Despite last year trying to blame these "irregularities" on his own unpaid intern (who had somehow obtained a key to the Union's safe), Ghani's attempts to shrug off this mind-boggling lack of judgement beggars belief.

When TCS approached Arsalan Ghani for comment eight days ago, he offered to send us a "thousand word article", on the condition that we would publish it unedited. Naturally, we refused, and politely explained that we do not give an unedited platform to anyone - TCS is a newspaper, and publishes journalism. We're always happy to hear our fellow students' views (letters@tcs.cam.ac.uk), and would never refuse to publish relevent informed comment, but our articles - (other than in the Comment section!) are written by journalists (or the nearest student equivalent). We're happy to work with anyone who cares about journalism and wants to make the truth heard, as long as that's why they want to work with us. Our news articles should be written by someone who wants to write news, a Cambridge student who cares about Cambridge, and never by a writer with a vested interest. That is why the TCS team can be found in our office several nights a week, blearly eyed, working through the evening and often into the early hours of the morning. We trawl through the opinion (and six months of leaked emails is a lot of opinion to trawl through), because someone has to try and dig out the facts.

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