May Week Editorial

It's May Week. You've done everything you were meant to (more or less), and now freedom and relaxation beckon. You deserve it. The Cambridge student is tipsy, and most of The Cambridge Student is too, but there's no real change there. Being part of TCS is a lot like living in a perpetual May Week; you sleep at weird hours, drink too much, and lose the ability to spell things properly. More importantly, enjoy knowing that whatever you're doing at any given moment, your DoS is likely to disapprove.

There is a growing tendency among Cambridge tutors and DoS'es to warn their students away from the evils of journalism, student drama, and anything which might possibly detract from Tripos. One former TCS editor recently enraged their DoS within seconds of arriving at a supervision. Their crime? Turning up in a TCS hoodie.

If in doubt, just remember: these people don't know very much about education. They may be a world-expert on Norman fonts, but when it comes to really understanding Cambridge, your Tutor's opinion isn't necessarily the most reliable.

The difference between a first and a starred first is not important. Throwing yourself into life in Cambridge, trying everything your time here can provide is. The education Cambridge offers is unique because provides you with the opportunity to do an absurdly varied number of things, in a very short space of time, knowing that you may never have the chance to do them again. Join that college croquet team! Learn to speak Ukranian! And try your hand at working for a weekly newspaper, or directing some Shakespeare, or anything. But remember that your degree, at the end of the day, isn't particularly important. If you do everything, you can do anything. If you only do academic work, you can become an academic. The choice is yours.

Finally, TCS would like to thank Clementine Beauvais for her beautiful, funny and strangely touching work. For the last seven years, Clementine has been drawing Insanitabridgeans for TCS (known elsewhere as ‘Doodles from the Bubble'). It's the world's second-longest running student cartoon strip, and the misadventures of Jenny and Tim have, in a small way, made the world a better place for hundreds of thousands of Cantabridgeans. TCS doesn't do free advertising, so I won't tell you to buy her childrens' books, but sources close to TCS can exclusively reveal that they're really rather good.

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