Editorial applications open for Easter 2014

UPDATE (12 March):
We have decided to advertise for a new role of Social Media Manager for the online term (job description below). As a result of this, we are extending the deadline slightly for all Section Editor applications; applications for News Editor, Opinion Editor, Features Editor, Reviews Editor, Lifestyle Editor and the new Social Media Manager position are now due at midnight Friday 14 March.

Social Media Manager

As next term is an online-only term, we are looking for a specialist social media manager who is both reliable and responsive. The role will include organising the posting of articles to social media as well as responding to comments on those platforms. It is possible they will need to approve website comments as well as lead liveblogs and tweet, engaging with our twitter followers. We are looking for an individual who is media savvy and creative, to work with us to further develop our presence online, with a large degree of autonomy as the public face of TCS. This is quite a different role from a conventional Section Editor and does not require previous writing experience, but will take knowledge of how to maintain a strong presence on social media and the flexibility to respond to interactions quickly.


As advertised in the latest issue of The Cambridge Student, we are currently recruiting a new streamlined editorial team to lead online content during Easter term, and to continue on to the May Week edition.

Because the paper does not publish a print edition over Easter term (save for a May Week edition) the workload will be greatly reduced. The editorial team will also be compressed due to the reduction of sports and theatre more generally in Cambridge, and the decrease in available writers as exams approach. Next term will be a great time to get involved with the key skills of student journalism – minus the pressures and constraints of a weekly print deadline. No previous experience of publishing software is required.

For Editor-in-Chief applications, please send us a personal statement no longer than 2,000 words. Deadline: Midnight, 6 March. For Section Editor applications, send us a 500 word statement detailing experience and ideas. Deadline: Midnight, 13 March.

Send your application to apply@tcs.cam.ac.uk, and contact us with any questions at editor@tcs.cam.ac.uk.

The positions available are:


As Editor-In-Chief, you will be in charge of the other section editors. You will have a role in influencing the direction and focus of each section, working with each editor to shape a collective vision. You will have the opportunity to change as much as you like – the sky is the limit! It will also be your role to manage the uploading of articles onto the website, and to manipulate social media in order to attract readers and ensure that the best content receives the views it deserves. Previous editorial experience is recommended, as well as a strong vision for the paper and a grasp of current and university affairs – but the rewards are enormous. And of course, the current editors will still be in Cambridge and available to give as much advice and guidance as is necessary; we urge anybody interested in this role to contact us as soon as possible (editor@tcs.cam.ac.uk) to find out more.

News Editor

The News Editor is one of the most rewarding and most senior positions on the paper, if also one of the most challenging. As News Editor, it will be up to you to source stories for the news section every week – you will therefore be responsible for the political angle of the paper, deciding the coverage of whichever campaigns, organisations and events you feel the students of Cambridge need to be informed of. You will have the opportunity to conduct investigations to break original news stories, and will be in charge of commissioning content to other writers at regular news meetings. News editors are organised, perceptive, accurate, and highly motivated – if you feel attracted to this role, then the skills you will gain will not disappoint.

Opinion Editor

As Opinion Editor, it will be your job to spark debate on the controversial issues most engaging to yourself and your fellow students. One of the most highly read sections, you will need to work with news and keep your ears close to the ground to find the trending issues that are sparking the most debate. Opinion Editors need to be level-headed and creative, able to see both sides of an argument but – of course – also opinionated. If you enjoy both defending your views and hearing what other people have to say, this is the role for you!

Features Editor

If you’re the type of person who finds yourself asking miscellaneous questions, or if you have a particularly fertile imagination, features will be perfect for you. It’s up to you to decide the types of content you would like to run, whether research-heavy, stimulating, or amusing, and also how you would like to present it. This section offers the most freedom and will allow you to let your creative side go wild.

Reviews Editor

This role will entail a supervision of many of the sections from the previous term – including Theatre, TV and Film, Games, Books, and Music. The amount of content you would like to commission is up to you, but the scope and potential is enormous. If you’re passionate about culture around Cambridge, then you’re free to push yourself – in no way is the role limited to reviews, and ventures into larger features or cross-sectional comparisons are yours to make.

Lifestyle Editor

This role will involve the supervision of Lifestyle, Nightlife, Escape, Fashion and Food and Drink. A relatively new section in TCS, Lifestyle has been very flexible in terms of scope and inclusivity, ranging from visual arts to cocktail recipes, and you will be free to implement a vision of your own. Regularly the most visually appealing section of the newspaper, and with a large audience and readership, the freedom and creativity available to section editors will give you something to get your teeth into.


Whether you would like to edit a section or simply to contribute more, Easter term is the perfect time to get involved, even if simply to bust exam stress! In particular, first year English and History students without the pressure of looming exams will probably find this term their freest over the whole degree – speaking from experience, there isn’t a better time to dive in than now!

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