Apply to join the TCS team for Easter 2016!

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Applications for the Easter 2016 Team are now open! 

If you're applying for the role of Editor-in-Chief, email a 1500 word vision for the paper which details your experience, plans for each section and a comprehensive online strategy, to before 11.59pm on Thursday 3 March.

To apply for any other position, send a 400 word statement detailing your experience and ideas to before 11.59pm on Monday 7 March.


See below for a list of all roles:

News Editor

You will set the paper's news agenda, decide which stories appear in the paper, and work with the news team to find original content and make national stories relevant to students. The tone and feel of the news section, the campaigns it runs and political positions it takes are all entirely down to you. Consequently, the reputation of TCS rests in your hands. You will be in charge of a team of four deputy news editors and hold a news meeting once a week to hand out stories to reporters. By keeping readers informed, you not only make sure the student body knows what is really going on, but also that people in charge know their decisions will be scrutinised, and they will be held to account for their mistakes.


Deputy News Editor

You will be one of a group of deputy news editors working under the news editor, and you will have one of the most exciting jobs on the paper. You will be assigned the best stories to write and encouraged to seek out your own.


Comment Editor

As comment editor, you will have one of the most sought-after positions on the paper. How to beat the competition? Convince us that you can source witty, well-written articles on relevant topics. We want comment to be as fresh as possible, with a Cambridge/student edge. You should have a clear vision of what you want your section to contain from week to week - and the closer your subject matter is tied to the news section, the better.


Features Editor

In the new structure of the paper, this section offers a chance to explore Cambridge and the issues students are interested in, in a way that's topical, imaginative, and informative. One week you might be researching the history of Cambridge during World War 2, and the next you might be imagining a week in the life of one of Cambridge's more troubled college masters. 


Columns Editor

Key to your job is finding columnists who can provide unique, engaging, and unmissable weekly insights on life in Cambridge and the universe. Editing this section allows you to foster individuals over a long period of time, working with them to develop their ideas from fresh-faced columnists to Cambridge institutions. If you are applying for the position of Columns Editor, please include in your application some ideas for columns, and ideas as to how to encourage people to apply to become columnists. 


Sport Editor 

Sport is one of the most-read sections of the paper. As sports editor, you will be in charge of covering all the biggest sporting events in Cambridge. The job isn't just about match reports, though. You will have the opportunity to interview internationally successful sportspeople and commentators, and commission features and opinion pieces on any aspect of sports that you desire.


Interviews Editor

This has the potential to be one of the most rewarding positions on the paper: everyone likes talking to interesting people. As interviews editor, your job is to contact, research, and interview the most controversial, topical, and fascinating people who are visiting or linked to Cambridge. They can be politicians, musicians, comedians, authors - it doesn't matter what they do, as long as their stories will engage our readers. Who knows, this could be a chance to talk to your idols.


Reviews Editor

You will be in charge of reviews for plays, musicals, concerts and other student performances. The job is a challenging one, as you will need to source reviewers, ensure the reviews are ready by their deadline, and work to make the reviewing system as effective as possible. You will also be responsible for reviews of May Balls and other events in May Week. 


Culture Editor

This section covers books, theatre, film, music, and tv, as well a host of other culture-related sub-sections. While reviews are left to the Reviews Editors, theatre features, opinion pieces and previews are up to you. The role really is what you make of it, as there is no limit to the culture-related articles you could comission. 


Lifestyle Editor 

You'll be charged with getting interesting and provoking material which grapples with people's very lives… this position is what you make of it; apply with ideas of recurring features which you think would engage Cambridge student readers. We're looking for someone creative who thinks outside of the box for content, and someone who can really cover the bases: the lifestyle section can include anything from cuddly pets, to Health & Fitness, to escapist coverage of travel and days out. It's one of the most diverse sections of the paper, and really gives you a chance to explore Cambridge life in all its richness!

Chief Sub Editor

As Chief Sub Editor, you are responsible for making sure that all of our content is of the highest quality. A keen understanding of grammar and syntax as well as an eye for detail is absolutely vital. You will be in charge of a group of Sub Editors who will review the majority of planned content, and will be personally responsible for checking all of our particularly big articles. If you find the idea of a perfectly accurate and cogent article fundamentally satisfying, this is the role for you.


Social Media Manager

In an online term, social media is absolutely vital for the paper. There is no point making high-quality content if no-one ever reads it. We are looking for someone with the charisma and creativity to consistently draw attention, as well as innovative ideas that will help us reach our readers. If you can see yourself writing a facebook post that ultimately reaches thousands, send an application our way!


To apply for any of the above positions, send a 400 word statement detailing your experience and ideas to before 11.59pm on Monday 7 March.

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