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Term is drawing to a close, and our thoughts are collectively turning from weekly assignments to Christmas, and a much needed break from work. New Year may seem a million miles away, but TCS is now recrutiing its editorial team for Lent 2017. If you’re interested in student journalism – be that as a writer, illustrator, photographer, sub-editor, or something else entirely – and need a distraction from next term’s reading list, this could be the opportunity for you.

We’re looking for applications in all sections, including Editor-in-Chief. If you have your own ideas about ways you could get involved, we’d also love to hear from you. 

Many of these roles, especially for larger sections, ask for two or more editors, so feel free to apply with somebody else. Prior experience is helpful but in no way necessary: it’s more important that you’re enthusiastic and have something to offer the paper! If no single section takes your fancy, or if perhaps your creative talents lie more in management or multimedia, we’re also looking for Chief Sub-Editors, Social Media Managers, Image Editors, Staff Photographers, and Staff Illustrators. 

If you're applying for Editor-in-Chief we'd like a full 2000 word vision for the paper which details your experience, plans for each section, and online strategy. If you're applying with a partner to be Co-Editors-In-Chief, then submit a single shared document.

Applicants for all other roles are asked to write a personal statement of about 500 words, detailing your relevant experience and ideas for the content and style of the section you wish to edit, including at least three article ideas – or, for the more managerial roles, an outline of the strategies you would use. 

All applications should be sent to Please include your name, college, year of study, and contact details in your application. The deadline will be 11:59pm on the Sunday 27th of November.

If you have any questions about how the paper works, the application process, or what any of the jobs entail, please do not hesitate to email Stevie Hertz or Jessie Mathewson, the Editors-in-Chief for Michaelmas term, at Read on for a full list of the roles on offer, and details of their remit: we hope you’ll be inspired to join a team that’s as professional and engaging as it is fun and sociable!

We are recruiting in all sections…

     – News Editor

     – Deputy News Editor

     – Investigations Editor

     – Comment Editor

     – Interviews Editor

     – Features Editor

     – Columns Editor

     – Sport Editor

The Thursday Magazine...

     – Theatre Editor

     – Film & TV Editor

     – Music Editor

     – Books Editor

     – Lifestyle Editor

     – Fashion & Beauty Editor

     – Food & Drink Editor

We are also recruiting for other roles with the paper…

     – Social Media Manager

     – Chief Sub-Editor

     – Image & Design Editor

     – Staff Photographer

     – Staff Illustrator

Want to know more about what’s involved with each position? Below, we’ve summarised the remit of each of our section editors, as well as the other positions we’re recruiting for. 

– News Editor –

You will set the news agenda, decide which stories appear in the paper, and work with the news team to find original content and make national stories relevant to students. The tone and feel of the news section, the campaigns it runs, and the political positions it takes are all down to you. You may work alongside another News Editor, and will certainly be supported by several Deputy News Editors: as a team, you’ll meet once a week to hand out stories to reporters. By keeping readers informed, you not only make sure the student body knows what is going on, but also that people in charge know their decisions will be scrutinised. If you are applying for this position, please submit 5 potential ideas for news stories alongside your application, to discuss during your interview.

– Deputy News Editor –

You will be one of a group of Deputy News Editors working under the News Editor, in one of the most fast-paced and dynamic sections of the paper. You will be assigned the best stories to write and encouraged to seek out your own. This role involves working closely with the News Editor to chase up breaking stories as and when they happen. It is a good position for first-time applicants interested in a role in the News team.

– Investigations Editor –

In this role, you will specialise in investigative journalism. It is your job to seek out stories and ideas to investigate, and send off freedom of information requests, as well as collating and editing the results. Investigations can shed light on issues close to the heart of students, and have the potential to make a real impact on how we see the University: if you want to change the world (or at least our little corner of it), this may well be the role for you.

– Comment Editor –

As Comment Editor, you will have one of the most sought-after positions on the paper. How to beat the competition? Convince us that you can source witty, well-written articles on relevant topics. We want comment to be as fresh as possible, with a Cambridge/student edge. You should have a clear vision of what you want your section to contain from week to week – and the closer your subject matter is tied to the News section, the better.

– Features Editor –

This section offers a chance to explore Cambridge and the issues students are interested in, in a way that's topical, imaginative, and informative. Think of it as News and Comment light – articles range from the playful to the serious, and give you the opportunity to explore Cambridge life from a range of angles, and dig beneath the surface. This section allows you to sharpen a range of journalistic skills, whilst engaging with some of the more creative aspects of the paper, as you commission images and illustrations to suit a weekly theme. Applicants should send in at least three ideas for themes, with thoughts about how you'd expand each one into articles and illustrations. 

– Interviews Editor –

This has the potential to be one of the most rewarding positions on the paper: everyone likes talking to interesting people. As Interviews Editor, your job is to contact, research, and interview the most controversial, topical, and compelling people who are visiting or linked to Cambridge. Alongside the famous faces of politicians, musicians, comedians, and authors, we’ll expect you to source interviews with some of Cambridge’s lesser known talent, and introduce our readers to the people they need to know about: it doesn't matter what they do, as long as their stories are engaging. 

– Sport Editor –

Sport is one of the biggest sections of the paper, and one that’s acutely relevant to many Cambridge students. As Sport Editor, you will be in charge of covering all the biggest sporting events in Cambridge, and keeping our readers up to date with both university and college level sport. The job isn't just about match reports, though: you will have the opportunity to interview internationally successful sportspeople and commentators, and commission features and opinion pieces on any aspect of sports that you desire. We want an editor who can broaden the content of the section to reach out to a wider range of readers.

– Columns Editor –

Key to your job is working with the Editor-in-Chief to find columnists who can provide unique, engaging, and unmissable weekly insights that Cambridge students will love to read. Editing this section allows you to work with writers over a long period of time, helping them to develop their ideas from fresh-faced columnists to Cambridge institutions. You’ll need a clear sense of what makes good content, and a strong approach to editing writer’s work and providing feedback – it's a great role in which to sharpen your skills as an editor. Please include some ideas for columns in your application, as well as a plan for encouraging columnists to apply.

– Theatre Editor –

Theatre is one of the most read and most controversial sections in the paper. The Cambridge theatre scene is large and dynamic, so applications to handle this section jointly or to be a Deputy Theatre Editor are encouraged. As well as organising and writing reviews of all the latest shows, you’ll be expected to commission and write features on Cambridge theatre, and previews of the most anticipated productions. Complimentary tickets to all the Cambridge plays are a perk of the job, but with great power comes great responsibility: you need to be able to get reviews in quickly, and organise a team of writers to make sure you have every stage in town covered.

– Film & TV Editor –

As Film & TV Editor, you’ll be expected to keep up to date with the latest releases, as well as engaging with Cambridge’s own film scene. Your job involves gathering new film reviews each week, as well as sourcing features, interviews and comment pieces. It helps if you have a wide range of viewing interests: our readers want to hear about the big blockbuster hits as well as indie/arthouse darlings. Since iPlayer and Netflix take up as much of most students' time these days as films, we’ll also expect regular content on the most-watched shows and unmissable programmes. And the more Cambridge focused content you can find – for both film and TV – the better.

– Music Editor –

In this role, you will get the chance to engage with the Cambridge music scene and beyond, from classical concerts and choral evensong, to jazz, funk, pop, indie, rock, metal, DJ sets, electronic and more – free tickets to some of the biggest gigs in Cambridge are a definite perk. A thorough knowledge of the music industry, and the Cambridge scene is key, and you’ll be expected to form a good working relationship with key venues. Each week, you will work with our writers to gather album reviews, as well as arranging exciting interviews with your favourite artists, and sourcing top-notch music features. We’re keen to hear from applicants from a range of musical backgrounds, so long as you’re open to writing on a range that engages our readers.

– Books Editor –

Love books? Even the ones you don’t have to read for your degree? Your role as Books Editor will involve sourcing and writing compelling features, engaging interviews, and thoughtful reviews that will interest students already laden with compulsory reading. We’re looking for applicants who will explore the visual potential of this section, as well as the more obvious written dimension. The Cambridge literary scene is vibrant and exciting, so if you’re interested in helping students engage with the writing that’s happening on their doorstep, and in bringing them a range of new literary experiences, this is the job for you. 

– Lifestyle Editor –

This is one of the most flexible sections in the paper. Lifestyle is about human interest: it’s anything and everything that’s important to students, be that an enduring challenge or a current trend. Our Lifestyle Editor will craft fun, engaging and interesting content to match. We're looking for someone creative who thinks outside of the box for content, and who can really cover the bases: this section can include everything from nights out, study breaks and weekend treats, to self-care, sex and relationships, or travel – from the fun and fleeting, to more serious, thoughtful pieces. It’s one of the most diverse sections of the paper, and really gives you a chance to explore Cambridge life in all its richness!

– Fashion & Beauty Editor –

Are you an avid reader of Vogue and Elle? Got an eye for the latest trends? We’re looking for a Fashion & Beauty editor who can source fun opinion pieces and recurring features, as well as more thoughtful reflective writing exploring the serious side of fashion. This section gives you the opportunity to work with top brands, such as TopShop, GANT, and the Cambridge Satchel Company, coordinating and styling high quality photoshoots. Applicants will need an eye for student style, a finger on the pulse of Cambridge fashion, and an ambitious and creative vision for a visual and exciting section.

– Food & Drink Editor– 

Cambridge is an exciting place for all sorts of reasons, and it’s undeniably a great one from a food perspective. The role of Food & Drinks editor is to approach eating in the city from a student angle: that means recipes suitable for a basic student kitchen and tight budget, and reviews of local cafes, restaurants and pubs. We’re also looking for more imaginative features, and more serious angles – this section can be fun and playful, or thoughtful and reflective, and we’re looking for applicants ready to embrace both these approaches.

– Social Media Manager –

The Social Media Manager is responsible for promoting TCS on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You’ll work alongside every member of the team to share content, as well as analysing our social media performance and working to increase our reach. This is a role which involves dedicated engagement with established platforms, as well as the opportunity to experiment with new ways to reach out to our readers. If you’re an Instagram star with an eye for a good image, or rule Twitter with your snappy take on the world, we welcome applications opening to working as part of a team. A social media manager needs to be organised, available, and with a strong sense of what’s current – if that could be you, get involved!

– Chief Sub-Editor –

Make no mistake - this may be a role that’s frequently overlooked, but its one of the most important in the whole paper. Your job is to make sure that all of our content looks great, and reads well.. Your main responsibiilty is proof-reading articles prior to print: that means a late night with lots of cookies, chocolate, tangerinines, and coffee, a non-stop   soundtrack, and lots of slightly delirious fun. Being part of the TCS print night makes this one of the most sociable positions available, as well as providing a great insight into the paper as a whole. And if you’ve spotted some mistakes in this paragraph, you’re probably perfect for the job!

– Images & Design Editor –

The main task of the Images Editor will be to coordinate a large network of photographers and illustrators, and source exciting visual content for the paper. You will be our go-to person for quirky illustrations, cartoons, and collages, as well as for finding photographers for fashion and beauty shoots and similar. This role also involves oversight of the images used alongside articles throughout the paper, as you help to maintain a professional standard throughout. This is a great position for anyone interested in the visual side of journalism, and in close involvement with our graphics and page design process.

– Staff Photographer –

Think journalism is all about the writing? Think again. Throughout our paper, we need high quality photographs to tie in with key news articles, Cambridge features, interviews and more. As Staff Photographer, you would be responsible for covering emerging stories, and sourcing pictures for regular features from a range of sections. Whatever your interest – news, portraiture, food, nature, still life – if you’re a keen photographer, and want to see your pictures reach a wider audience, this is the role for you.

– Staff Illustrator –

Are you a budding illustrator? Know how to handle a paintbrush? Use watercolours or collage to escape the stress of Cambridge? If you want a creative and exciting role that sees your artwork reach a wider audience, Staff Illustrator could be the role for you. You'd work closely with our Images & Design Editor to create stand alone visual content, images for articles, as well as doodles to illustrate themes. This is a section you can take in a lot of directions, giving you a platform to experiment.


Get involved by sending your application to – good luck!


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