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With the flurry of Freshers' Week over and a nip in the air, we're settling into term here at The Cambridge Student. With this in mind, we're recruiting people to join our Michaelmas Team. If you're interested in any of the following roles, submit a personal statement of about 250 words, detailing your relevant experience and ideas for the content and style of the section you wish to edit.

All applications should be sent to The deadline will be midnight on October 16. Please include your name, college, year of study, and contact details in your application.

If you have any questions about how the paper works, the application process, or what the job entails, please do not hesitate to email Stevie Hertz or Jessie Mathewson, the Editors-in-Chief for Michaelmas term, at

Deputy News Editor

You will be one of a group of Deputy News Editors working under the News Editor, in one of the most fast-paced and dynamic sections of the paper. You will be assigned the best stories to write and encouraged to seek out your own. This role involves working closely with the News Editor to chase up breaking stories as and when they happen. It is a good position for first-time applicants interested in a role in the News team.

Sport Editor

Sport is one of the biggest sections of the paper, and one that’s acutely relevant to many Cambridge students. As Sport Editor, you will be in charge of covering all the biggest sporting events in Cambridge, and keeping our readers up to date with both university and college level sport. The job isn't just about match reports, though: you will have the opportunity to interview internationally successful sportspeople and commentators, and commission features and opinion pieces on any aspect of sports that you desire. We want an editor who can maintain our high standards of sports coverage, and broaden the content of the section to reach out to a wider range of readers.

Chief Sub-Editor

Make no mistake - this may be a role that’s frequently overlooked, but its one of the most important in the whole paper. Your job is to make sure that all of our content looks great, and reads well.. Your main responsibiilty is proof-reading articles prior to print: that means a late night with lots of cookies, chocolate, tangerinines, and coffee, a non-stop   soundtrack, and lots of slightly delirious fun. Being part of the TCS print night makes this one of the most sociable positions available, as well as providing a great insight into the paper as a whole. And if you’ve spotted some mistakes in this paragraph, you’re probably perfect for the job!

News Photographer

Think journalism is all about the writing? Think again. Throughout our paper, we need high quality photographs to tie in with key news articles, Cambridge features, interviews and more. As News Photographer, you would be responsible for covering emerging stories, and sourcing pictures for regular features from a range of sections. If you’re a keen photographer, and want to see your pictures reach a wider audience, this is the role for you.


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