Eight jobs of the future

Caithlin Ng 6 March 2017

The workplace is a constantly shifting entity, adapting and adopting with the times and trends. Our generation has already seen the creation of new jobs, particularly those centered on technological advancements, but what will the future bring for us, and the future of humankind? I assume the role of futurologist for the purpose of this article, and suggest eight possible jobs one will be able to hold in the years to come.

Artificial intelligence developer

AI is already an integral part of computer science, but the future might see its use spilling over into more commercial markets. This would, of course, lead to higher demands for workers with the necessary skills, and depending on how successful AI proves to be, might also create the most lucrative jobs in this industry.

Baby designer

A popular ethical issue, child engineering already exists, allowing potential parents to choose traits like gender, hair colour, and the freedom from certain diseases. Further developments in technology might lead to greater choice for parents looking to create the “perfect child”, widening the market and increasing the number of jobs in it.

Artificial food engineer

With a growing world population and limited resources, artificial food might prove increasingly popular in the years to come. Interested in growing beef in a petri dish? This trend might just prove to be perfect for you.

Elderly welfare worker

With a growing population comes an aging population, and the increasing proportion of elderly in our society will undoubtedly increase demand for those involved with the caring of them. While such jobs already exist, the aging population trend might see a further boom in demand, creating a greater number of positions for elderly welfare workers.

Spacecraft crew

Our species has long been fascinated by space, and the possibilities it affords. If technology does allow us to build commercial spacecraft for those seeking to explore space, or maybe even other planets, then demand for crew to man them will certainly emerge. Think architects for sleek designs, air stewards and stewardesses to look after passengers, galactic tour guides to point out the atmospheric sights.

Personal social media managers

Website designers are certainly already in existent, but the importance of one’s personal brand might increase in future years. Looking beyond personal use of social media, more and more people might choose to emulate celebrities, and hire personal managers to cultivate their social media images. After all, the aesthetic is what it is all about, isn’t it?

Alternative energy scientists

It is a common fact that natural fuels are a limited resource, and that human activity is already infringing upon their availability. Advancements in technology might allow greater development of alternative fuels and energy sources, opening up job opportunities for those keen to make an environmental difference.

Hologram film makers

Films are always looking to adopt cutting-edge technology to set themselves apart from others – Avatar, for instance, was an important contributor to special effects and film technology. ‘3D’ films are already widely popular, so the next natural step for the entertainment industry might be hologram films. Imagine characters playing out a story all around you, making just ‘3D’ films a relic of the past.