Escape the bubble: Trumpington

Holly MacAskill 28 January 2018

Trumpington is probably one of my favourite places in Cambridge. It is something of a personal tradition to go there at least once a term when I need to clear my head. It is, to me, the most accessible place that I feel to be completely outside the infamous Cambridge Bubble, being, perhaps, the least student-y place in Cambridge.

Furthermore, it’s less than an hour’s walk from the city centre. I am one of the stubborn sorts who doesn’t have a bike here, but Google Maps informs me that it is only 15 minutes to cycle. If this isn’t possible for you either, there are also regular buses to Trumpington from the city.

What I love most about Trumpington is probably the journey there. Having grown up in a city several times larger than Cambridge, I am endlessly fascinated by the fact that the countryside is truly just around the corner. Within a mile of a built-up settlement, there are expansive farms and plentiful trees all around.

Another benefit to Trumpington is that it is quite easy to get to. It is just a continuous walk down Trumpington Street, which becomes Trumpington Road, and then, Trumpington High Street. To me, there’s something quite freeing in following such a simple route – no need to check my phone to see if I’m really going the right way.

The village itself feels like the kind of cosy place that could be most anywhere in England. Gone is the sense of claustrophobia and suffocation that looms in Cambridge proper. It’s quite nice to walk around and know that nobody around you is thinking about supervisions.

An absolute must if you visit Trumpington is The Green Man, a pub that is spacious and cosy all at once. It also boasts a delicious lunch menu. I would have to recommend the battered halloumi and chips, complete with mushy peas and tartare sauce. It was so delicious that I believe my non-vegetarian companion had cause to be jealous of me.

Another perk to Trumpington is that it boasts a pretty sizable Waitrose. I find wandering around big supermarkets extremely therapeutic. This is also furthered by the phenomenon of being outside of the bubble – you can drift through the aisles for however long you like and not risk awkwardly bumping into people you vaguely know. I also feel like the fact that it’s not Sainsbury’s makes it a very welcome change of scenery. The same supermarket for eight weeks can be terribly repetitive.

All in all, Trumpington is a place that I think you should definitely see at some point during your time at Cambridge. I would recommend that during your next bout of writer’s block or existential dread, you simply put on your headphones and take that walk down Trumpington Street.